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Botox Injections


What can I do about my aging skin?

BOTOX has become the go-to for smoother skin. Whether you’re a long-time fan or are trying injectables for the first time, our Cosmetic Injector can answer all your questions and educate you on what best for your needs.

How does Botox  work?

BOTOX is an injectable product that’s FDA approved. It diminishes the signs of aging, most commonly fine lines and wrinkles on the face. BOTOX is a purified protein, and has been trusted by medical professionals for many and used for various treatment.

In short, the protein blocks nerve signals from the brain to affected muscles, essentially smoothing wrinkles caused by movement, such as frown lines, crow's feet and the fine lines that form between your eyebrows and on. your forehead.

BOTOX is also used to treat medical conditions including:

  • migraine headaches

  • eyelid spasms

  • and more...

What should I expect during the treatment?

Our in-house Cosmetic Injector Monica is highly experienced in Advanced Aesthetics. She is a Registered Nurse, Medical Aesthetics Injector Trainer, and a trained Make-up Artist!
So all our ageless beauties are in spectacular hands!


Your appointment is likely to be 20-30 minutes in duration, and you can plan to return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

The process takes a  few steps:



Complimentary consultation to understand what your skin needs and goals are.


Cleanse the skin that the treatment will be performed on.


You will be asked to make facial expressions to see precisely where your concerns are located (frown lines, crows feet, etc.).



Using an extremely fine needle, a series of quick injections, which  feel like a small pinch will be delivered to the treatment area.



You will be educated on do and don'ts post procedure.


What should I expect after treatment?

Your skin may appear slightly red, mild bruising, tenderness or itching in the areas that were treated (this does not happen to everyone); however, it is normal.


BOTOX results take time to develop, usually clients see changes at around the one-two week mark. Results can last between three and six months, depending on your each individuals unique physiology.

Side effects include but are not limited:

Dryness, stinging, itching, irritation, redness, swelling, tightness, peeling and scabbing.

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